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What Is Wet Pour Rubber?

wet pour rubber is a blend of granules bound together by polyurethane resin which is mixed on site and laid onto an existing suitable, or specially prepared base to provide continuous surfacing free of seams or joints. It is the preferred safety surfacing for children’s playgrounds, but it can be used in any outdoor recreational area including schools, sports facilities, verandas and pathways. It can also be laid to form any shape or design available in a wide range of attractive colours.

This surfacing is incredibly hardwearing and will retain its quality and appearance for years after installation, requiring only minimal maintenance. Its peerless durability means it will easily withstand heavy foot traffic, weather extremes and UV exposure, meaning that once you have invested in this surface type, you can expect to enjoy its benefits for many years.


Wet pour safety surfacing is designed to absorb impact, making it the ideal choice for play areas where falls are a major concern. The material will cushion the fall and reduce injuries, while allowing children to enjoy all the equipment that they would like to use.


Unlike wood chip surfacing, which can be subject to thinning in high-usage areas like around swings and slides, wet pour rubber will remain stable and safe for long periods of time. The material is also resistant to cracking, and can withstand drastic weather changes.

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