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Visit IPQualityScore to Proactively Prevent Fraud

visit IPQualityScore is one of the most comprehensive fraud prevention services on the market, able to stop a number of different types of malicious activity including fake accounts, bots, proxy connections, and even TOR node connections. It’s no wonder the company is trusted by so many Fortune 500 companies. Its slew of fraud prevention tools help users bring down instances of Chargebacks, Reversals, and Duplicate Accounts which can be devastating to a company’s revenue stream. By taking these things out of the picture, visit IPQualityScore helps businesses boost sales and increase repeat business with its throng of powerful anti-fraud measures.

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The company’s suite of risk analysis APIs helps e-commerce websites and other online businesses Proactively Prevent Fraud(tm) with industry leading accuracy to identify suspicious payments and abusive user behavior. With the ability to automatically score and validate a complete set of data including an IP address or device, email address, phone number, full billing details, and more, IPQS is able to prevent fraudulent transactions without interfering with the customer experience.

Users can also tap into the company’s database of blacklisted cards and user details to help reduce charges and refunds and improve click-through rates with automated scoring and validation of ad traffic. In addition, the service’s IP reputation scores indicate if an IP address is known to be linked with VPN or proxy usage, has been reported for fraudulent activity in the past, and has a high risk of being connected to a botnet network.

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