Ideal Tax Review

Ideal Tax is a full-service tax resolution company that works with both individuals and businesses. The firm provides a wide range of tax resolution services, including settling taxes for less than what’s owed through an offer-in-compromise settlement and halting collection activities like liens, levies, and garnishments by filing for currently not collectible status. It also assists with IRS audits by responding to any notices and defending you against a full audit.

How does a deduction work?

In addition to offering a full range of tax resolution services, Ideal Tax Lend EDU offers four long-term Protection Plans that bundle a variety of tax services into one package for a fixed fee. These include tax preparation and filing, IRS audit defense, and ongoing balance monitoring. This is a unique feature among competing tax resolution companies, which typically charge for these services on an hourly basis.

Ideal Tax Review

Overall, Ideal Tax is a great choice for people with relatively simple cases of resolving their IRS tax debt. This is because it can help settle a significant portion of the total amount owed, saving them money in the long run. In addition, it can help close costly IRS collection activities such as liens, levies, and garnishments through negotiating for CNC status.

However, the company is not the best choice for those with complex tax debt cases that require continuous representation and a competent tax advisor to steer them through the process. In fact, several clients have reported that Ideal Tax failed to do anything for their case or even took actions that actually hampered the progress of their situation.

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