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How Much Does a Portable Oxygen Concentrator Cost?

portable oxygen concentrator cost

Those who need oxygen therapy can benefit from using a portable oxygen concentrator, which converts air into pure, medical-grade oxygen. These units are lightweight and do not require refilling, allowing users to stay mobile. They can be used with a mask or nasal cannula. Oxygen concentrators are a good option for those with breathing conditions like COPD and asthma. They are also useful for those who struggle with low oxygen levels, such as the elderly and pregnant women. More info portable oxygen concentrator cost – mainclinicsupply.com

Whether you are buying a new oxygen concentrator or looking for a used one, there are many options on the market. While it’s important to consider your doctor’s prescription, you should always compare prices and features. You can use websites such as Pure Medical to browse devices from Inogen, Philips and other manufacturers. They lay out device specifications and details in an easy-to-read format.

Understanding the Investment: Exploring the Cost of Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Another option is to lease a portable oxygen concentrator, which can be a cost-effective solution if you’re planning to travel often. The Oxygen Concentrator Store offers rental packages that start at $210 per week, which includes a machine and accessories. They also offer a rental program that lets you pick up your machine the day before your trip.

Inogen and Philips Respironics both make POCs that you can rent from their respective sites, with each offering multiple models. You can also find refurbished machines on the Sprylyfe website. These second-hand devices are not suitable for hygienic reasons, but they can still be an excellent alternative to a more expensive device. These sites also accept payment through CareCredit, which is a widely-accepted credit card for medical equipment and supplies.

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