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Gas Sniffer

Gas sniffers are a crucial piece of safety equipment for teams working in toxic or hazardous atmospheres. Many gases cannot be seen or smelled and without proper detection equipment you can quickly find yourself in a dangerous situation where there isn’t enough oxygen for safe breathing, or there is a risk of fire or explosion.

A gas detector can detect a wide range of combustible and toxic gases including carbon monoxide, acetone, benzene, butane, heptane, methane, petrol vapor, propane, turpentine, paint thinners and more. They are also designed to detect odourless gases such as carbon dioxide and oxygen, and can be fitted with alarms that will alert you when dangerous levels of gases are detected in the air.

Ensuring Safety: The Function of an Oxygen Analyzer

Some types of gas detection instruments work using infrared, ultrasonic or electrochemical sensors while others are designed to be handheld, such as the bright yellow Techamor Yeezou. Handheld gas leak detectors are used by plumbers, home owners and technicians for finding leaks in pipes and other appliances and are often equipped with a gooseneck or pen design to allow them to be held. They can also be fixed to a wall or ceiling in offices, homes and shops.

Other methods of detecting a gas leak include a sulfur/rotten egg smell, hearing a whistling or hissing noise or checking the stove. But a portable device like the gas leak detector pen showing ppm readings is more accurate and faster than relying on your senses.

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