Designer Fabric by the Yard Upholstery

Whether you’re reupholstering your favorite chair, making new drapery or crafting decorative throw pillows, designer fabric by the yard upholstery is the perfect marriage of practical durability and creative variety. Whether you’re looking for an easy to clean material to accommodate children and pets, or a delicately woven fabric that adds texture and visual interest, there is something to suit every project.

What are the two types of ikat?

Choosing upholstery fabric is often a personal decision, with many factors coming into play including aesthetic preference and cost. You’ll find that high-end designer fabrics are generally more expensive than more common materials, but the price difference isn’t necessarily as steep as you may think.

There are also plenty of fabrics that combine style and durability, such as those rated as indoor-outdoor or performance fabrics. While they may be a bit pricier than other options, they’re often designed to stand up to the elements and last longer than standard cotton fabrics, making them a great choice for areas of the home with heavy traffic.

Another great way to keep your costs down is by using a discount fabric outlet like NY Designer Fabrics. This online fabric store specializes in high-end women’s fashion fabrics and keeps up with the latest trends, as well as more classic and time-tested designs. Their site is visually appealing and has a useful fabric estimator tool to help you best guess how much fabric you’ll need.

For more ambitious fabric projects, consider shopping for designer fabrics at a local retailer such as Zarin Fabrics. This Lower East Side shop is a three-floor, fabric wonderland that features thousands of bolts and offers a wide range of services including upholstery, window treatments and custom furniture. Their expert staff is available in person or over the phone to help you select fabrics, provide recommendations and answer any questions that you may have.

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