Crime Scene Cleanup NJ

Crime scene cleanup new jersey is not just about blood & bodily fluid spills. It is about decontamination, restoring property damage, and removing all painful reminders of trauma and death from a home or business. These jobs are specialized and should be completed by professionals with the right equipment & knowledge. For instance, a home that is the site of an undiscovered death will need to be cleaned and disinfected immediately. The body begins to decompose within 24 to 48 hours, and this can release harmful bacteria into the air. These bacteria are called bio hazards & they can cause serious illness and even death if not properly cleaned up.

Does the crime scene get cleaned?

This is a difficult situation for loved ones to deal with and the scene should be cleaned by trained crime scene cleaning professionals. These professionals are specially trained to handle these sensitive situations with discretion and sensitivity. They also have the skills & experience to clean a wide range of surfaces that are often hidden and hard to reach such as carpets & curtains. They will use the latest methods & products to completely decontaminate and restore the property to safe habitation again.

The average Crime Scene Cleanup Technician salary in New Jersey is $47,408, with the top paying cities being Jersey City, Paterson, and Vineland. These cities pay above the state average, but this may be influenced by cost of living factors. To get a more accurate picture of what the job pays in your area, check out your personal salary report.

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