Choosing Casters Wheels

Casters wheels are used to move heavy items from one place to another. The wheels are fitted with a tread and a rubber fitting. This is essential to ensure safety, as damaged treads may result in unnecessary wear and tear. Also, damaged treads can damage the caster wheel’s hardware and lubricant solutions.

Are soft casters for hard floors?

There are many types of caster wheels available. Choosing the right one depends on your needs. The size of the wheel is important, as larger wheels roll easier and cover more ground in a single roll. However, large wheels can also raise the object and increase its center of gravity, which can cause damage to the object. Therefore, you should choose the right caster wheel depending on the size and weight of the object. You should also consider the floor surface, load capacity, and mobility requirements of the item you intend to move.

Casters come in various sizes, treads, and materials. Generally, smaller wheels are suitable for soft floors, while larger wheels are recommended for hard floors. The treads of casters vary as well, with larger ones being better for frequent use and high-pile carpeting. Avoid cheaply-made casters, as they do not evenly distribute weight and tend to break down more quickly. More info

There are two types of casters: stationary casters and swivel casters. Stationary casters are fixed in place, while swivel casters can rotate 360 degrees. In addition to the durability of casters, they also have other benefits, such as reducing the physical stress on employees and increasing the speed of inventory and equipment.

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