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Canada Shrooms – Buy Shrooms Online in Canada

Canada Shrooms

If you’re looking to buy Canada Shrooms, we can help! Our website is packed full of different types of shrooms from around the world and you can get them delivered straight to your door. It’s a great way to avoid the hassle of going out and having to drive, especially when the weather is bad. You’ll save money on gas, and you won’t have to worry about having your shrooms get lost in the mail. Plus you can get them for cheaper than if you went out and bought them in the store!

Shroom Culture: A Closer Look at Psychedelic Experiences in Canada

In the past, areas known for productive Liberty Cap mushroom fields would draw hundreds of people from across the country to harvest the hallucinogenic fungi. The resulting trespassing, property damage, adverse reactions to psilocybin and “bad trips” sparked a wave of police crackdowns.

Since then, a growing body of research suggests the psychoactive compounds in mushrooms have therapeutic properties. But while marijuana has been legalized in Canada, psilocybin still remains illegal, even when prescribed under a Health Canada exemption.

That means if you’re caught with the stuff, you could face a maximum sentence of three years in jail. But some people are bucking the law, selling and buying mushroom spores in stores openly on the street.

CBC’s Josh Crabb visited one such shop, Canada Shrooms, in Winnipeg. Its owner says he hopes law enforcement views the operation through a similar lens as cannabis dispensaries, and doesn’t target users or dealers.

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